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radicalLY hombrewing since 2015

QMB Keezer Build

We have a keezer! Our smaller chest fridge was converted into a five-tap keezer last week. It’s beautiful! The collar was made from redwood. I used wood screws and wood glue to construct the collar. The wood was pre-sanded, then stained and sanded again. The tap holes were drilled with a 7/8 inch spade bit. I attached it to the fridge with silicone caulk and let it cure for several days. Attaching the lid was tough. The top holes on the hinge were attached to the wood collar with machined bolts, nuts, and washers. The gap behind was filled by attaching steel mending plates. Instead of drilling into the fridge for the bottom hinge holes, I fashioned wood brackets to brace it while using the existing holes located lower on the fridge. The collar was coated with polyurethane and the CO2 splitter was attached to the collar inside the fridge. We have 9 foot beverage lines and stainless steel taps and shanks. Whew, what a project. I can’t wait to pour beers at the Spring Party!


QMB will be at the 2019 Craft Brewers Conference in Denver

Queers Makin’ Beers founder, Rebecca Sandidge will be speaking at the Craft Brewers Conference in Denver, Colorado, Thursday, April 11. The diversity panel will be moderated by Brewers Association Diversity Ambassador Dr. J. Nikol Jackson-Beckham. This will be an amazing event and we are so pleased to have one of our own be invited to represent the queer community! If you’re at the conference, come by and say hello!



YAASSSS Kölsch available around the Bay for PRIDE month!

Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 9.08.55 AM.png

QMB collarborated with Tim, Mike and Chad at Benoit Casper Brewing again to produce the most delicious, refreshing summer beverage you will ever hold in your hand and put in your belly. YAASSSS Kölsch is in its second year of production. It is currently being distributed to local, Bay Area bars for your PRIDE drinking pleasure.

During PRIDE month, 10% of sales will go to supporting the new Oakland LGBTQ Community Center. Do goo while you drink queer beers!


Fundraiser ends SOON, Donate until Oct. 31st!

Hello friends and supporters,
Well, we did it. What is "it"? So glad you asked! 

Queers Makin' Beers is bicoastal—and soon to be international! With the money we raised from our GoFundMe campaign, we started a chapter in Stuart, Florida and are currently working to start a chapter in Wales, UK. We've also been able to buy banners for events, pay for maintenance costs ($1,500/year), purchase a second chest freezer for the East Bay QMB chapter, and donate money and beer to important causes... and we have immediate plans to install a wastewater repurposing system at headquarters in Berkeley, CA. Things are looking up—and we have so much more we want to do! Our fundraising campaign ends in one week. We are so close to $10,000 we can almost taste all the beers and chapters and social justice that lies ahead!

The time has come to end our GoFundMe fundraiser, even though we could watch our glorious fundraiser video every day for the rest of time (don't worry, you'll still be able to access that video after the fundraiser is over...it will forever live on at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kFoUjia7uvY). ONE WEEK remains for our online GoFundMe campaign. We want to reach $10,000 and that means we have $555 to go. If you have the means, please consider helping us reach this goal and share the campaign with your friends, family, neighbors, etc.

PRIDE was a huge success. Thanks to all who supported us before Dyke March!! See you next year!

This was our second year chilling in Dolores with our shade and our beer! It just keeps getting better and our beer keeps getting better! Thanks to all who came up for a visit and supported us!!!!

We made over $500 to add to our growing GoFundMe campaign! Check it out if you haven't yet!

Esme Dyke March 2017

Why QMB is "Queer" and why that's a great thing.

Perhaps "queer" is a new concept for many and we want to give a very brief overview to highlight the importance of groups like QMB. Queer is not a bad word, it is a theory, an identity, a body of research, a set of core beliefs that seek true equality. Queer culture and beliefs generally regard heteronormative expectations as negatively impacting every person in our society. Perhaps you have experienced pressure to marry, wear heels (or not wear heels) to work, earn enough to provide for a family on your own, or enjoy an exceptionally bitter IPA, and you're not really digging that. Queer people get it. Practices and institutions that privilege heterosexuality as "normal" result in loss of rights, access, effective justice, peace, and understanding by defining other identities as not normal. They may force you to not be your authentic self. QMB is a positive and spirited platform that gives the "others" representation in brewing by simply making great beer, being ourselves, and participating in local community events. 

Queers Makin' Beers does VICELAND's BEERLAND

BEERLAND premiers April 27th at 10pm eastern time on VICELAND. We're delighted to have been invited to rep homebrew culture in mainstream media. "Beerland follows Golden Road brewery founder, Meg Gill, as she sets out on a cross-country journey to meet with home-brewers and find the best brews in each city she travels to." Best brews?! We're blushing rn. Our group has only been brewing since 2015 but it's true, our beers are good and we are hella fun to chill with. 

Check it out, on May 11th the queerdos will grace your screen in Episode 3 of BEERLAND! If you're local, come hang with the QMB crew at The Good Hop Bottle Shop in Oakland, CA at 7pm local time.

'Define queer?' and other compelling Key Word search results


1. De-fucking-fine queer

2. Fucking fine queer

3. Define queer


5. WHAT IS QUEER? <-- let's unpack this

4. Define queer versus gay <-- this too

The answer is Queer as Folk which is like..., I know, what the actual fuck.  And it won by like, ten thousand clicks. Also, basically every other time someone searches for "queer," they are trying to figure out what the fuck it means. I don't know about you but, this is like queer mothafuckin CHRASTMASS!!!!!!  Part of me is over the moon that there are people out there who are just 100% confused ad compelled by the term. It's like when I walk into a bar and everyone is texting their best friend, like, 'who is she????"  



Divesting in right-wing brews... a lesson from 1997

It's such a bummer to find out a company you love is run by people you can't love. American Apparel, Uber, Home Depot. It's especially bad when you can no longer enjoy a beer without knowing you are supporting businesses who want to diminish your civil rights. I recently came across this piece by Bruce Mirken written in 1997 on Coors.  The story is as true now as it was then; a corporation marketing their products to the LGBTQ community while funneling money into anti-LGBTQ campaignsQueers boycotted Coors in the late 90's and MillerCoors is still known for their support of homophobic, far-right administrations despite developing a progressive anti-discrimination policy in the workplace. Queer culture is becoming increasingly cool and as a result, less risky as a marketing campaign target. The queer community is expected to celebrate this fact even when those same companies are politically violent.

Yuengling is up front about their straight, white-supremacist agenda.  Dick Yuengling Jr. openly expressed the corporation's support for the Trump administration and ruined their beer for good. But that was no surprise to anyone who had ever perused their t-shirt collection and discovered a shirt that promoted support for local police.  Supporting local police in Philly is to say you do not support marginalized communities. That's a discussion for another time.

Our communities (the marginalized ones) have some tough decisions to make.  Do we accept campaigns targeting us as consumers as progress, or do we reject companies that are willing to take our money but not support our equality?  Queers Makin' Beers has chosen the later and it's tough work to keep up with all these jerks.  Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg defended their choice to keep Peter Thiel (who donated over one million dollars to Trump's campaign) in October. Zuckerberg said,  ”We can’t create a culture that says it cares about diversity and then excludes almost half the country because they back a political candidate. There are many reasons a person might support Trump that do not involve racism, sexism, xenophobia or accepting sexual assault.”  In addressing the Republican National Convention Thiel said, "“When Donald Trump asked us to make America great again, he’s not suggesting a return to the past. He’s running to lead us back to that bright future”.  Ummmm yeahhhhhh-no.

Co-option of our culture for profit by entities that uphold the violent status quo is not support.  We are not a free-of-charge marketing solution to a culturally vapid, heteronormative, capitalist business model. 

It is time to divest, queers.

Yeast is being used to "grow" morphine.

Yeast are the coolest organism on the planet.  No but seriously, scientists are engineering a beer that ferments sugar into morphine.  That's insane!  The idea is that with this method drugs could be produced that have fewer side effects and reduce the addictive properties of a medically relevant pain medication.  


QMB Lyfe: Fall 2016

Fall is bringing some prime beer-brewing weather.  We have 10 or 11? beers fermenting right now!  That's the most beer we've ever been in possession of.  More is on the way!  This past weekend we made a Lagunitas IPA clone, so expect that on tap at a brew in early December.  A brew-day is coming up on November 13th.  Events in the coming months are sure to have many excellent beer options on tap as our current collection starts going into kegs.  But the biggest event is...

Queersgiving!!!! RSVP and have the time of your lyyyfffeee.  We will have three beers made by three QMB teams keg conditioned, on tap, and ready to be judged by YOU.  This is our biggest party of the year with tons of amazing food and obviously a lot of awesome beer.  A ridiculously bad-ass trophy will be awarded, don't miss it.  Up that QMB fridge magnet collection with the 2016 competition edition.  Plus, we will be making a donation to NoDAPL and supporting the Standing Rock Sioux in their fight to protect their land.

Queers Makin' Beers is up to 436 members and someone new joins almost every day (0.89 people per day).  That's insane.  In the past year our brew game has reached the next level so many times.  We became Instagram celebrities for a minute when we brought our 7' x 6' x 16' "FUCK TRUMP" banner to PRIDE.  But it was turning a chest freezer into a temp-controlled fermentation chamber that changed everything.  This enables us to ferment at any temperature, in the dark even during summer.  Plus, now we can LAGER!!!!  Our beers are consistently outstanding and we have some really nice equipment now.  It is all available for you to use and beer makes great gifts or party contributions.  Congratulations everyone, we have been very successful in accomplishing our primary goal; creating a strong community of queers who brew their own beer.  It's radical and empowering.  We're the second largest homebrew club in the Bay Area!  When it comes to beer-making, the queers in the Bay are a force.



P.S. These are the new pint glasses.

Hillcrest Brewery -- Just in case you didn't know.

Hillcrest Brewing Company in Southern California is maybe STILL the first brewery owned by openly gay people that caters to the LGBTQ community.  They've been open for some time (since 2012) but as I dig around to find out everything there is to know about queer beer culture, their name pops up more and more frequently.  After checking out their list of brews I realized we have a theme here.... the queers love smutty beer names.  I love smutty beer names, for sure!  Now if someone would just open a QMB chapter in San Diego we could do some serious collabrating.  I mean "Pearle Necklace" meets "Third Time's a Charm Bracelet".  Mind blown.  Interestingly, and not surprisingly, Hillcrest is owned by men and their beer names reflect this fact.  I think it's only a matter of time before we start to see greater diversity within the community of queers that make beers.  The revolution has begun and soon enough all the girls and boys with vaginas are going to be pumping out specialty brews, too!  Put on your Charm Bracelet and hit this rad pub if you are in San Diego.  Hats off to you, Hillcrest. 

Transgendered? Hops are Here!? BrewDog's "No Label"

Sale of No-Label by BrewDog benefiting Queerest of the Queer!  Yay for queers in the beer world, but wait, are these people queer!?  As reported in the Advocate, BrewDog is using some cool sex-changing hops. Brew-dog is not owned and/or run by queers as far as we know.  This fact probably explains why they clearly don't understand gender, queers, our community, or why this doesn't apply to a plant part.  But... check it out for yourselves.

"No Label is the world’s first ‘non-binary, postgender beer’ designed to reflect the diversity of the area and champion inclusivity."  I'm not exactly sure what this means or if hops have a socially-constructed "gender", as in humans, but the biology of the hops is certainly interesting.  ...."This 4.6% ABV Kölsch has been brewed with hops that have changed sex from female to male flowers prior to harvest. We have used these to emphasise that, just like humans, beer can be whatever the hell it wants to be, and proud of it."

The Birth of Nine is Divine

Yesterday we made a milk stout and named it after Divine, the famous actress.  Truly an inspirational queer.  We will be adding peanut butter powder to the beer sometime soon.  Apparently this is an experimental practice.  We hope that it will get us into the highly respected realm of brewers at Oakbarrel Winecraft.  OG = 1.06.  The recipe was a partial mash.  Sophie solved all our problems; she truly is our "Treasure".  Sara broke the hydrometer but luckily we were done with it for the day.  Word on the street is she breaks something every time she brews.  Emma watched her first beer be born.  Dani showed up late to entertain us with her stories and be a breath of sober air.  The brew went really well and we're going to be drinking Nine is Divine in about a month and a half.