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Transgendered? Hops are Here!? BrewDog's "No Label"

Sale of No-Label by BrewDog benefiting Queerest of the Queer!  Yay for queers in the beer world, but wait, are these people queer!?  As reported in the Advocate, BrewDog is using some cool sex-changing hops. Brew-dog is not owned and/or run by queers as far as we know.  This fact probably explains why they clearly don't understand gender, queers, our community, or why this doesn't apply to a plant part.  But... check it out for yourselves.

"No Label is the world’s first ‘non-binary, postgender beer’ designed to reflect the diversity of the area and champion inclusivity."  I'm not exactly sure what this means or if hops have a socially-constructed "gender", as in humans, but the biology of the hops is certainly interesting.  ...."This 4.6% ABV Kölsch has been brewed with hops that have changed sex from female to male flowers prior to harvest. We have used these to emphasise that, just like humans, beer can be whatever the hell it wants to be, and proud of it."