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The Birth of Nine is Divine

Yesterday we made a milk stout and named it after Divine, the famous actress.  Truly an inspirational queer.  We will be adding peanut butter powder to the beer sometime soon.  Apparently this is an experimental practice.  We hope that it will get us into the highly respected realm of brewers at Oakbarrel Winecraft.  OG = 1.06.  The recipe was a partial mash.  Sophie solved all our problems; she truly is our "Treasure".  Sara broke the hydrometer but luckily we were done with it for the day.  Word on the street is she breaks something every time she brews.  Emma watched her first beer be born.  Dani showed up late to entertain us with her stories and be a breath of sober air.  The brew went really well and we're going to be drinking Nine is Divine in about a month and a half.