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QMB Lyfe: Fall 2016

Fall is bringing some prime beer-brewing weather.  We have 10 or 11? beers fermenting right now!  That's the most beer we've ever been in possession of.  More is on the way!  This past weekend we made a Lagunitas IPA clone, so expect that on tap at a brew in early December.  A brew-day is coming up on November 13th.  Events in the coming months are sure to have many excellent beer options on tap as our current collection starts going into kegs.  But the biggest event is...

Queersgiving!!!! RSVP and have the time of your lyyyfffeee.  We will have three beers made by three QMB teams keg conditioned, on tap, and ready to be judged by YOU.  This is our biggest party of the year with tons of amazing food and obviously a lot of awesome beer.  A ridiculously bad-ass trophy will be awarded, don't miss it.  Up that QMB fridge magnet collection with the 2016 competition edition.  Plus, we will be making a donation to NoDAPL and supporting the Standing Rock Sioux in their fight to protect their land.

Queers Makin' Beers is up to 436 members and someone new joins almost every day (0.89 people per day).  That's insane.  In the past year our brew game has reached the next level so many times.  We became Instagram celebrities for a minute when we brought our 7' x 6' x 16' "FUCK TRUMP" banner to PRIDE.  But it was turning a chest freezer into a temp-controlled fermentation chamber that changed everything.  This enables us to ferment at any temperature, in the dark even during summer.  Plus, now we can LAGER!!!!  Our beers are consistently outstanding and we have some really nice equipment now.  It is all available for you to use and beer makes great gifts or party contributions.  Congratulations everyone, we have been very successful in accomplishing our primary goal; creating a strong community of queers who brew their own beer.  It's radical and empowering.  We're the second largest homebrew club in the Bay Area!  When it comes to beer-making, the queers in the Bay are a force.



P.S. These are the new pint glasses.