Queers Makin' Beers

radicalLY hombrewing since 2015

Fundraiser ends SOON, Donate until Oct. 31st!

Hello friends and supporters,
Well, we did it. What is "it"? So glad you asked! 

Queers Makin' Beers is bicoastal—and soon to be international! With the money we raised from our GoFundMe campaign, we started a chapter in Stuart, Florida and are currently working to start a chapter in Wales, UK. We've also been able to buy banners for events, pay for maintenance costs ($1,500/year), purchase a second chest freezer for the East Bay QMB chapter, and donate money and beer to important causes... and we have immediate plans to install a wastewater repurposing system at headquarters in Berkeley, CA. Things are looking up—and we have so much more we want to do! Our fundraising campaign ends in one week. We are so close to $10,000 we can almost taste all the beers and chapters and social justice that lies ahead!

The time has come to end our GoFundMe fundraiser, even though we could watch our glorious fundraiser video every day for the rest of time (don't worry, you'll still be able to access that video after the fundraiser is over...it will forever live on at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kFoUjia7uvY). ONE WEEK remains for our online GoFundMe campaign. We want to reach $10,000 and that means we have $555 to go. If you have the means, please consider helping us reach this goal and share the campaign with your friends, family, neighbors, etc.