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QMB Keezer Build

We have a keezer! Our smaller chest fridge was converted into a five-tap keezer last week. It’s beautiful! The collar was made from redwood. I used wood screws and wood glue to construct the collar. The wood was pre-sanded, then stained and sanded again. The tap holes were drilled with a 7/8 inch spade bit. I attached it to the fridge with silicone caulk and let it cure for several days. Attaching the lid was tough. The top holes on the hinge were attached to the wood collar with machined bolts, nuts, and washers. The gap behind was filled by attaching steel mending plates. Instead of drilling into the fridge for the bottom hinge holes, I fashioned wood brackets to brace it while using the existing holes located lower on the fridge. The collar was coated with polyurethane and the CO2 splitter was attached to the collar inside the fridge. We have 9 foot beverage lines and stainless steel taps and shanks. Whew, what a project. I can’t wait to pour beers at the Spring Party!