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Why QMB is "Queer" and why that's a great thing.

Perhaps "queer" is a new concept for many and we want to give a very brief overview to highlight the importance of groups like QMB. Queer is not a bad word, it is a theory, an identity, a body of research, a set of core beliefs that seek true equality. Queer culture and beliefs generally regard heteronormative expectations as negatively impacting every person in our society. Perhaps you have experienced pressure to marry, wear heels (or not wear heels) to work, earn enough to provide for a family on your own, or enjoy an exceptionally bitter IPA, and you're not really digging that. Queer people get it. Practices and institutions that privilege heterosexuality as "normal" result in loss of rights, access, effective justice, peace, and understanding by defining other identities as not normal. They may force you to not be your authentic self. QMB is a positive and spirited platform that gives the "others" representation in brewing by simply making great beer, being ourselves, and participating in local community events. 

Queers Makin' Beers does VICELAND's BEERLAND

BEERLAND premiers April 27th at 10pm eastern time on VICELAND. We're delighted to have been invited to rep homebrew culture in mainstream media. "Beerland follows Golden Road brewery founder, Meg Gill, as she sets out on a cross-country journey to meet with home-brewers and find the best brews in each city she travels to." Best brews?! We're blushing rn. Our group has only been brewing since 2015 but it's true, our beers are good and we are hella fun to chill with. 

Check it out, on May 11th the queerdos will grace your screen in Episode 3 of BEERLAND! If you're local, come hang with the QMB crew at The Good Hop Bottle Shop in Oakland, CA at 7pm local time.