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Beginner Brew Day!

Have you been wondering what magic conjuring the lead brewers are doing every brew day? Maybe you want to brush up your brew skills in anticipation of the club brew comp. Or maybe you just want to get comfortable brewing so you can brew on your own.

Enter the Beginner Brew Day.

Brew a beer with a small group and learn the whole process from recipe selection to packaging. Walk away with a 6-pack of finished beer to call your own

We will:

• meet up at the Brew store (Oak Barrel Winecraft)

• pick a recipe together and grab ingredients

• go back to the house, clean, and sanitize

• Brew!!

• clean up afterwards

Three weeks after the brew day, we will meet back up to package the beer into bottles and/or kegs.

This is a two-part event. We will schedule the second part to work for everyone, but please only sign up if you are committed to both parts.

So that everyone will be able to get active brew time, I limit this event to 5 people. Cost is $10 towards ingredients and supplies (propane, ice, etc.).

Because of the small size and popularity of these events, I will ask for confirmation and payment via paypal/venmo before moving people from "waitlist" to "going." Please make sure you include your email when you sign up. Refunds will be given for anyone cancelling at least a week in advance.

There will be some minimal homework. Everyone will also be expected to be an active participant in a successful brew day and take part in the whole day from 10:00am to approximately 6pm. (Rebecca always makes it look real easy, but all that prep and clean up she does takes awhile!)