Queers Makin' Beers

radicalLY hombrewing since 2015

our fundraising goals

We deeply appreciate our fans, our friends, our families and all the support we have received so far. Our successes are a reflection of an amazing community effort. We've grown too big for our own pockets and that's a good thing! Please consider donating, today!

Your support will:

1.  Improve our equipment, making more gear accessible to homebrewers free-of-charge.

2.  Provide $500 in start-up funding to new chapters around the country. Plans are already in place for Stuart, Florida and Seattle, Washington! Send us an email to inquire.

3.  Keep QMB free to participants. Equal access regardless of socio-economic status is a top priority.

4.  Ensure that we stay around for years to come! By raising $15,000 we can meet our equipment needs and maintain our club for at least 2 years. We aim to extend this by improving our efficiency and expanding our community with new clubs.