Queers Makin' Beers

radicalLY hombrewing since 2015



I spend my dayz surfing the frigid waves of Ocean Beach, San Francisco, trying to write my dissertation on fire ants, and dreaming of beers unborn. Originally from Florida, I tend to live in tropical places with The Bay being my favorite exception. I first brewed with a housemate sometime around 2011 and really got into it through the creation of QMB in 2015. Since then, I have made a lot of beer. K├Âlsch is my favorite style to brew as I enjoy lighter beers and it has characters you can't find in other styles. QMB is the best project I have participated in EVERRRR. The technical aspects and science in brewing appeal to me and feel more participatory than going to a bar. I'm so grateful that we have been successful. It feels good to make something I like to drink and to diversify the brewing industry at the same time. Queer culture is so vibrant; it pairs very well with the diversity of beers and creative side of brewing.